Youth for Refugees volunteers alongside NHS at Nourish KC

The group volunteered at a restaurant dedicated to fighting food insecurity Thursday, Nov 21

Grace McLeod, JAG editor-in-chief

Youth for Refugees invited NHS members to volunteer at Nourish KC, an organization that works to combat food insecurity in the KC area. A group of 17 students helped cook and clean  Thursday, Nov 21.

Youth for Refugees president senior Isabella Baker organized the event because she wanted her club to become more active in the community.

“I really wanted [Youth for Refugees] to be more into things this year. Last year they weren’t very active,” Baker said. “I searched online for a local food pantry and [Nourish KC] came up.”

Before volunteering, NHS member junior Cole McClure had multiple reasons to volunteer. Now, he plans to return in the future.

“I heard about the event through NHS, and I needed the hours. I’m really good friends with Baker, and I’d love to help her out,” McClure said. “If there’s any more opportunities to come back with a group from [Mill Valley], I definitely will.”

According to NHS and Youth for Refugees member junior Claire Burke, the group worked on meal preparation and cleaning the building.

“When we first got here we started by cutting bell peppers,” Burke said. “As the night went on we did more cleaning stuff like wipe down tables and sweeping.”

McClure believes it is important to volunteer, especially for students born into a more privileged family.

“Being from Johnson County, arguably, most citizens here are entitled,” McClure said. “It’s good to be involved in the community and see what it’s like to do some good work for people around you.”

Baker volunteers because she believes it is important to help when she is capable.

“I think it’s important to help people because not everyone can get help and government help isn’t always as effective as it should be,” Baker said. “I think it’s really important because volunteering could a long way because you should realize your privilege and be able to use that privilege to help others.”

The feeling of doing good in the community is motivation for Burke.

“[Volunteering] lets me get more connected with the community,” Burke said. “It honestly just gives me a rush of endorphins as I think about helping people.”

The group plans to return to Nourish KC to volunteer once a month.

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