Young Democrats club hosts discussion of Democratic candidates

The new club looks to be a forum for students to talk about politics


By Andrew Tow

Commenting on a candidate, senior Noah Hookstra begins discussing his opinion the matter.

Zach Shrader, JagWire reporter/photographer

The newly-formed Young Democrats club held a meeting where members discussed the Democratic presidential candidates for the 2020 election Wednesday, Sep. 4.

According to the club founder, senior Shaina Isaacsen, the purpose of the club is to educate students about problems in the world today.

By Andrew Tow
At the Young Democrats meeting on Wednesday, Sep. 4, senior Shaina Isaacsen presents slides about the democratic candidates running for election.

According to club sponsor Jeff Wieland, the club is a place for like-minded people to talk about their ideas.

“It’s just a forum for people to discuss political issues,” Wieland said. “Some kids were looking for the opportunity to come together and discuss with people who are genuinely interested in politics and also might share some of the same points of view.”

Isaacsen plans to have an open forum to anyone’s ideas and opinions.

“We pick an issue and we talk about the issue,” Isaacsen said. “We talk about the different sides surrounding it and the different plans that Congress and other people have proposed for it. We also talk about our ideas for it.”

According to Wieland, the club has some big aspirations.

“[Club members have] talked about doing some advocacy things in terms of supporting candidates or volunteering to help Democratic candidates,” Wieland said.

By Andrew Tow
Towards the end of the meeting, junior Michael Brown discusses his views on Senator Elizabeth Warren.

However, the success of the club is entirely dependent on the members of the club.

“[Club members] will get as much out of it as they want to put into it,” Wieland said.

According to Isaacsen, the club is not a large time commitment and anyone can get involved by attending a meeting.

The Young Democrats club will have their next meeting Wednesday, Sep. 11 in Mr. Wieland’s room.

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