Winter Homecoming king and queen announced

Seniors Tyler Green and Anna Paden were crowned king and queen at halftime of basketball game on Friday, Jan. 10

Anna Ricker, JAG assistant web editor

During halftime of the Winter Homecoming basketball game, senior Tyler Green and Anna Paden were crowned king and queen on Friday, Jan. 10. 

Unfortunately, Paden was unable to accept her crown in person because she was at a thespians conference. As the king was first announced, Green cheerfully accepted his crown and described how he enjoyed being crowned winter homecoming king.

“[Getting crowned] felt really awesome,” Green says. “Just being noticed by everyone, that’s really nice. I just love everyone in the school.”

Queen candidate, Morgan Koca was grateful for being nominated for Winter Homecoming queen.

“It was honestly a really humbling and really cool experience,” Koca says. “It’s a really cool feeling to know that your school picked you, and it made me feel really good.”

Early that day, the school announced that the dance would be cancelled due to weather. Both candidates described their reaction to the news.

“I hope something changes and gets rescheduled,” Green said. “I wasn’t able to go because we had a wrestling tournament so if it gets rescheduled then maybe [I can].”

“I’m bummed that the dance got canceled but honestly I think that it’s better that it got canceled then [everyone being] in a dangerous situation,” Koca says. “I think people are still going to go on with everything just not go to the dance so it ended up working out for the best.”

Even with a cancelled dance, Green and Koca reflect on their favorite parts of the spirit week and the best part of being nominated.

“[My favorite part of the week was] the pep assembly dances.” Green says. “The dance was really awesome, and [senior] Abby Miller and I had a really good dance.” 

“I think my favorite part was the pep assembly when we all did the dances.” Koca said. “[Senior] Grant Frost and I had an ‘80s theme so we dressed up in all ‘80s attire and then we danced to ‘Ice Ice Baby.’ I thought it was really fun to make up a dance and perform it in front of the school.”

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