Winter band and choir perfom successful concerts

By Austin Becker

With choir director Sheree Stoppel conducting, freshman Caitlin Alley and the Mixed Choir sing “Believe” from The Polar Express at the winter choir concert on Monday, Dec. 5. “‘Believe’ was my favorite song because I love The Polar Express,” Alley said. “The concert was definitely fun.”

Olivia Harding, writer

The voices of 155 singers rose from all around the Little Theatre on Monday, Dec. 5, as freshmen girls from the Mixed Choir filed into aisles. Freshmen boys walked on the floor in front of the stage while upperclassmen remained on the stage as all four choirs came together to finish the performance with the song “Spirit of the Season.”

Choir director Sheree Stoppel decided to try something new for the winter concert, called a prism style, that made the show flow smoother and take less time.

“In a prism concert, the audience feels more a part of the performance because the singers are spread out within the crowd,” Stoppel said. “They have more of a connection with songs and students.”

Singers entered and exited the theater, forcing students to become aware of specific entrances and timing. The audience listened to 16 songs and unique instruments played by students.

“I got to play the glockenspiel in ‘Silver Bells,’” freshman Sadie Noyes said. “It was probably my favorite part of the concert. Even though it took a lot of hard work, it was definitely worth it.”

Stoppel chose songs that reinforced the positive spirit that revolves around the winter holidays.

“I wanted to help the audience realize this season is supposed to be for giving to others,” Stoppel said. “We had narration in between movements enforcing this idea of having a feel good attitude during such a joyous season.”

The band also prepared for an adjustment during its winter concert on Wednesday, Dec. 7, holding its final concert with all three bands. Band director Debra Steiner felt each deserved more time to perform songs without having to share the stage with other bands. Starting with the spring performance, two separate shows, one for Blue and Silver Bands and one for Jazz Band, occurred for the first time.

“I’m excited about the change,” Steiner said. “This way all bands will play more and Jazz Band will get to play in the theatre. It’ll truly be a night and day difference, from acoustics of the gym to the theater.”

During the winter concert Steiner enjoyed the advanced music of each band and that students got new instruments so no one needed to share.

“My favorite part of the performance was when it was done,” Steiner said. “There was such a feeling of success, it makes you kind of relax. You can just stand there and feel happy and proud of all your students and their hard work.”

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