Why WPA should be informal

Changing the WPA to an informal atmosphere would greatly boost attendance


Homecoming and Prom: the two dances worth spending a ton of money on in return for unforgettable nights. And then in between these two great dances is a lackluster event, Women Pay All (WPA). Due to a lack of student interest, WPA has been wildly unsuccessful as of late. While I admire StuCo for attempting to revive the forlorn tradition, it’s time for the school to stop hosting the event. Instead, the seniors need to step up and host an informal, off-campus event for all students to attend so one of our school traditions is not completely abandoned.

There are numerous advantages to an informal, senior-hosted dance. For one, the money students would save is a huge motive; attending dances is anything but cheap. The ladies won’t have to buy dresses and shoes, and the guys won’t have to buy corsages and dinner.

A senior-hosted dance would also save the school money. For the past few years, the school organizations that held WPA lost money. While there is always a chance the seniors will not make their money back on the venue, it is a worthy risk for a potentially fantastic dance.

One of the problems with an off-campus event is enforcing security and controlling students who show up under the influence. However, this seems to be an issue at on-campus events, too, so it isn’t anything new. Parents of seniors could volunteer to stand at the door and monitor the students coming in, which will hopefully deter incapacitated students from entering.

For the sake of everyone’s wallets, WPA should be a fun, inexpensive night with all of your friends. The school would not have to worry about hosting a dance, and the seniors would have the chance to take responsibility and create an event for all students that is comparable to both Homecoming and Prom.

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