Who will win the Golden Globe?

Come Sunday, big movie stars will be duking it out for the award.


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Jillian Leiby , JagWire opinions editor

Every year, some watch the Golden Globes to predict who might be nominated for the coveted Oscar. In the entire scheme of things, these and the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, airing Saturday, Jan. 25, are the ultimate test as to who will gain the Oscar trophy come March. Here are my predictions for some of the film categories that will be up for a Golden Globe come Sunday.

Best Motion Picture – Drama: “Boyhood”

Despite the later release of “Selma”, and therefore buzz, the historical inaccuracies that have peppered the movie might turn some voters off. Boyhood came out this summer, and still has buzz for its new creative process, i.e., taking 12 years to shoot the film. “Selma” could still pull an upset, but it’s really Boyhood’s game to lose.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama: Eddie Redmayne “The Theory of Everything”

Redmayne’s performance in the Stephen Hawking biopic “The Theory of Everything” has been lauded for the total physicality put into the role of Hawking. With Michael Keaton the frontrunner for the Oscar for the comedy “Birdman,” any award won the nominees in this category will not make a difference in the overall Oscar race.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama: Julianne Moore “Still Alice”

At this point, it is really Moore’s game to lose. The nine time Golden Globe nominee is an award darling, and the critics especially took notice of her performance as an early-onset Alzheimer’s sufferer in “Still Alice.” That, paired with her star status, will ultimately win her the trophy.

Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical: Birdman

Whenever a musical is in the comedy/musical category, it tends to win the prize. “Into the Woods” had an all-star cast but relatively cool reviews. The tale of an infamous actor trying to make a serious comeback told in “Birdman” will win due to the never-ending hype surrounding the movie. The Golden Globes  like to award the buzzy movies.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical: Michael Keaton “Birdman”  

Like I said, “Birdman” has tons of buzz and Keaton’s comeback performance has been singled out. This award, and many others, will go to Keaton.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical: Too close to tell

No actress from the Comedy/Musical category is probably going to get nominated for an Oscar. The only one that has a chance is Amy Adams for “Big Eyes”, but the movie was underwhelming commercially and critically. Emily Blunt has been singled out for her performance in “Into the Woods,” but the buzz may not gain any traction this late in the game. Either way, the actresses in this category will probably not be nominated for an Oscar.

Even if the Golden Globes mean nothing to you, watch only to catch the final time Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be hosting together. There effortless chemistry and hilariousness should not be missed.

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