Wendy’s new Dave burgers an actual improvement

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

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Claiming that their burgers were now thicker and juicier with butter-toasted buns, Wendy’s has unleashed an onslaught of advertising to promote their new “Dave” burgers.

Proud of my ability to resist the effects of advertising, I decided to bust Wendy’s and prove that their burgers were exactly the same as before. 

I entered into the store feeling somewhat like a spy, with an internal monologue that would have fit a ‘40s private eye movie. I ordered a single cheeseburger with a small fry and waited anxiously for it to arrive.

It came out wrapped in wax paper and encased in a cardboard covering that was open at one end to allow the burger to peek through. It was a nice try, but I was still not sold. The new cardboard box was just a sly way of tricking the customer.

I carried the burger back to a table ready to dissect every inch of it. The bun was limp and deflated a little bit every time I touched it; obviously not butter-toasted. Yet the burger did seem to be slightly thicker than before. When I bit into the burger, juice spurted out the side.

Overall, the burger seemed sweeter and had a more pronounced flavor than the Wendy’s burgers I had before. The Dave burgers are new, improved and worth the trip to Wendy’s to give them a try.

Over score: three out of five stars


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