“We ARE Mill Valley” slogan fails to create school spirit

Sarah Fulton, sports editor

We have heard it at least three times a day for the last two years, “We ARE Mill Valley.” It is meant to motivate us, to remind us to do our best and to do our school proud. While it remains unseen if the slogan has actually had any of the intended positive effect, it is very clear that it has been very effective at inspiring many jokes, bouts of sarcasm and an innumerable amount of eye rolls both from students and teachers.

Instead of unifying us in school pride, it unifies us in how stupid we think it is. An administration cannot create school spirit, however hard it tries. The spirit and motivation has to come solely from the students. An environment of pride must be created by the students.

During Homecoming week, before all the controversy over the dance, our school was bursting with school spirit. Students from every grade cheered at the game, dressed up during spirit week and, for the first time in a long time, showed true school spirit. If every week was like Homecoming week, minus social studies teacher Chris Dunback wearing a kilt, our administration would not need to create cheesy slogans. They would not feel as if it was their job to create school spirit.

As much as they can be admired for their attempt to motivate, create school spirit and to unify the student body, it is also clear that the spirit has to come from the students. As a school we must realize that if we want the “We ARE Mill Valley” to go away, we need to unify ourselves. We need to find and create our own Jag Swag.

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