Volleyball tournament conflicts with Homecoming dance

Katie Linsey, reporter

While some of the varsity volleyball players were competing in the tournament at McPherson High School on Saturday, Oct. 8, others were getting ready for the Homecoming dance. The optional tournament scheduled on the same day as the dance resulted in recruiting JV players to fill the spots of the varsity players who chose to attend the dance instead of the tournament.

According to coach Kim Service, the girls who played in the tournament included senior Brittany Zarda, juniors Molly Miller, Tanner Tripp, Alyx Stephenson, McKenzie Schmitt and Molly Kelley, and sophomores Gabby Fangman, Abby Ford and Taylor Cowan.

“As a coach, I’ve never been so proud of the nine girls that stepped up. They only had two practices together. They played their hearts out and even made it into bracket play,” Service said.

Senior varsity player Mackenzie Acree decided to attend Homecoming instead of the tournament.

“I’ve had a tournament on every Homecoming, and I wanted to enjoy my senior Homecoming,” Acree said. “I’m grateful for the people that helped us have a choice not to.”

Freshman varsity player Maddie Little didn’t want to miss Homecoming either.

“It was my first Homecoming and I didn’t want to miss it because it’s only once a year. I was fine with my decision,” Little said. “I don’t think the team did badly. It might’ve made a difference if it was the original team, but it wasn’t.”

Sophomore varsity player Hannah Billings had a tough time deciding what to do, ultimately choosing to skip the tournament.

“It was a hard decision to make, but Homecoming is only once a year for four years of your life. I was happy with the decision I made,” Billings said.

Service was disappointed with the players who chose not to go because the losses the team had will affect their state ranking.

“The girl’s decisions not to go and miss the entire tournament will affect sub state,” Service said.

Sophomore JV player Gabby Fangman decided to go to the tournament.

“I said no at first, but then said yes. We got back in plenty of time to go to Homecoming,” Fangman said. “I’m glad I went because it’s a different experience from my normal team.”

Varsity team captain Brittany Zarda decided to commit to the team by going to the tournament.

“It sucks that it was on Homecoming, but I committed to the team and if some of my team was going to leave them there, I wanted to go,” Zarda said. “It actually worked out because we got back in plenty of time. I’m glad I went and I have fun with the girls that went.”

Sophomore varsity player Taylor Cowan also was committed.

“I chose to go to the tournament because I am dedicated to the team and I thought it was the right thing to do,” Cowan said.

Service will keep the decisions that the players made in mind in the future.

“During tryouts next year, I will remember those on varsity and JV that went to the tournament. It’s those dedicated girls that I will keep in mind while making a decision about the team for next year,” Service said.

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