Volleyball loses set at tournament

By Courtney Minter

Katie Linsey, reporter

 The varsity volleyball team lost to Blue Valley Northwest High School on Saturday, Aug. 27 at St. James Academy for the televised Volleyball Slam tournament.

Freshman volleyball player Hannah Phipps was in the crowd cheering on her friends. “I think they played their best, but I guess the Huskies got ‘em this time,” Phipps said.

 Seconds into the first game, freshman Maddie Little hit the ball over the net putting the first point on the board.

With the team behind by six points, coach Kim Service called a timeout for a pep talk. Sophomore Molly Oshinski then hit the ball over the net twice, putting the score at 17-22.

The team could not come back and the final score was 19-25.

The second game had a rough start. With serves and hits being missed, Service called another timeout.

 The team managed to take control of the ball with the score at 3-10. Sophomore Taylor Cowan blocked a hit by the other team and the crowd went wild.

With a hit from Little and two hits from Oshinski, the score was at 15-23. The team could not come back, losing 16-25.

“I think it was an excellent opportunity for us to play early in the season,” Service said. “We get so into routine and practice and it was good to play a team.”

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