Volleyball loses in sub-state tournament

After winning their first game at the sub-state tournament on Saturday, Oct. 20, the girls fell in the second to Olathe Northwest

Sam Hanson, JagWire reporter/photographer

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  • As their opponent hits the ball, junior Faith Archibong and sophomore Jaden Ravensborg block it. The team competed in the sub-state tournament on Saturday, Oct. 20, and lost to Olathe Northwest in the final round of pool play. They placed eighth overall.

  • After a failed block, freshman Taylor Roberts watches the ball go over the net.

  • With their opponent reaching for the ball, junior Faith Archibong and freshman Brylee Peterson jump to block it.

  • Before the start of the match, senior Sydney Pullen and junior Emma Fox chest bump each other.

  • After their opponent hit the ball, sophomore Jaden Ravnsborg and junior Faith Archibong attempt to block it.

  • With their hands outstretched, freshmen Taylor Roberts and Brylee Peterson attempt to block the ball.

  • As her opponent attempts to block her, freshman Taylor Roberts hits the ball over the net.

  • With her hands over the net, junior Faith Archibong narrowly misses a block.

  • While jumping in the air, freshmen Taylor Roberts and Brylee Peterson block their opponent hit.

  • With her arms in the air, junior Faith Archibong reaches over the net to stop a ball from coming over.

  • After their opponent has hit the ball, freshman Taylor Roberts and sophomore Jaden Ravnsborg attempt to block it from coming over the net.

  • Reaching over the net, junior Faith Archibong blocks a ball that her opponent has hit.

  • Reaching her arm out, sophomore Jaden Ravnsborg hits the ball over the net.

  • Jumping up, freshman Taylor Roberts gets ready to hit the ball over the net.

  • Eyeing the ball carefully, sophomore Molly Carr gets ready to spike the ball.

  • Tossing the ball into the air, junior Emma Fox prepares to serve the ball.

  • Tapping the ball into the air, sophomore Anna Judd sets the ball for freshman Taylor Roberts.

  • As the ball falls, freshman Amara Traiger gets ready to spike the ball.

  • After scoring a point, the team congratulates each other.

  • Watching the ball in the air, sophomore Jaden Ravnsborg gets ready to serve the ball.

  • After discussing tactics during a timeout, the team and the coaches do a quick chant.

  • Reaching above the net, junior Faith Archibong and sophomore Molly Carr block the ball.

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The volleyball team placed second out of the four teams in their pool at Olathe Northwest on Saturday, Oct. 20. The team lost to the defending 6A state champions and this means the team did not qualify for state.

Based on their season ranking, the result did not come as much of a surprise to coach Debbie Fay.

“18 teams go to the sub-state tournament,” Fay said. “We were seeded eighth and we finished eighth.”

Despite the loss, the team improved certain aspects of their game when preparing for the tournament, according to sophomore Molly Carr.

“We were finally able to maintain our energy [during the sub-state tournament],” Carr said. “There were some errors we made that we could not afford, but we did stay excited and made some really smart shots that helped us.”

Carr also thought that she was able to refine some of her own skills to prepare for sub-state.

“I improved on communicating more with my middle [hitter] on the blocks,” Carr said. “I was also able to hit the ball better [on crucial shots] to help our team score.”

For next season, the team is going to need to work on consistency throughout every game, according to Carr.

“We need to work on not letting the other team get on long serving runs,” Carr said. “It drops our energy [whenever it happens].”

When it comes to future sub-state and other high pressure tournaments, Fay will be consistent in her coaching style.

“I will continue to develop players who thrive and play their best when competition is high,” Fay said.

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