Volleyball falls to St. James in substate semifinals

After beating Pittsburg High School, volleyball loses in semifinals round

Lexi Flipse, Mill Valley News social media editor

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  • Giving her teammates high fives, junior Molly Cosmillo and the other starting players get pumped up before the start of the game.

  • Senior Allie Harvey hits the ball past two opponent players.

  • Going in for a hug, juniors Molly Cosmillo and Sydney Pullen celebrate after a play.

  • At the net, freshman Molly Carr spikes the ball.

  • As the ball comes to her, junior Sydney Pullen prepares to pass it.

  • Hitting the ball, junior Molly Cosmillo jumps up at the net.

  • Senior Ava Taton hits the ball over the net.

  • In the air, senior Abigail Archibong hits the ball at the opposing team.

  • Senior Allie Harvey jumps up to hit the ball.

  • Throwing the ball in the air, junior Sydney Pullen prepares to serve.

  • Freshman Carlie Bradshaw attempts to block the ball along with junior Molly Cosmillo and senior Abby Archibong.

  • Getting down low, freshman Emma Fox passes the ball.

  • Freshman Anna Judd sets the ball for a teammate to hit.

  • Senior Ava Taton and freshman Carlie Bradshaw jump to block a spiked ball.

  • Junior Molly Cosmillo spikes a set ball.

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At the substate tournament at Pittsburg High School on Saturday, Oct. 21, the volleyball team started off with a win against the Pittsburg Purple Dragons, only to fall to the St. James Thunder in the semifinals.

The Jags won both sets against the Purple Dragons, the first match 25-14 and the second 25-17.

Going into the semifinals against St. James, senior Ava Taton knew the team needed to start off strong.

“We were expecting it to be a hard game,” Taton said. “We knew we had to put forth our best effort in order to win.”

Despite the loss of both matches, Taton feels the team gave it their best and is happy with their performance.

“I’m not disappointed; I thought the team fought for it and we really wanted to win,” Taton said. “They just had a really fast offense and would hit through our blocks sometimes if our setup wasn’t right, so I feel like that was hard on our defense.”

Senior Abby Archibong was also satisfied with the outcome, despite it not being the results they were hoping for.

“I’m happy with the way the team performed,” Archibong said. “I feel like we really cranked it up because we knew that it could potentially be the last time playing and we played better as a team with that pressure.”

Overall, Taton is also proud with not only the team’s performance at substate, but also throughout the season.

“I feel like we had a rough start coming out of the gate,” Taton said. “But as the season went on, we really improved and came together as team.”


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