Volleyball defeats Blue Valley West in a two-set match

The Jaguars pull out a victory on the first two matches on Tuesday, Sept. 11

Marah Shulda

Samantha Volkamer, JAG copy editor and organizations editor

The volleyball team swept the Blue Valley West Jaguars on Tuesday, Sept. 11. After previously losing to BVW earlier in the season, the team won the first set with a score of 25-19 and the second set with a score of 25-17.

The jaguars fell to Blue Valley Southwest later that night, losing 23-25 in the first set and 19-25 in the second set.

Junior Emma Fox believes the team improved after the first set because the win gave them confidence.

“I thought we played really good,” Fox said. “We started a little bit slow, but towards the end we started to pick it up.”

Having the experience of playing BVW before is what helped the team prepare and succeed, according to head coach Debbie Fay.

“[BVW is] very, very skilled, but it still comes down to serve-recieve, and our serve-recieve was much better [tonight],” Fay said.

According to Fox, working together gave the team the power to win two sets against BVW.

“A lot of our [success] is just our team’s communication on the court,” Fox said. “We talk to each other throughout every match.”

Fay believes input of every player is what gave the team the strength and confidence to win.

“Everyone contributed, we don’t have any one star,” Fay said. “Everybody has to do their part for us to have success, and everybody did their part well tonight.”

Fay accredits the attitude of the team as one of the reasons for success.

“I think the kids were playing with a lot more confidence and just relaxed and having fun out there on the court,” Fay said. “That’s a big difference and you’ll see it in their faces and in the way they play.”

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