Video Productions puts on annual Film Fest

Students viewed and voted on their favorite films during seminar, Wednesday, Nov. 3

Kaitlyn Burke, JagWire reporter/photographer

Video Productions held its annual Halloween Film Fest, Wednesday Nov. 3 after the event was delayed. The Video Productions students created five short films that were viewed and voted on by students during seminar.

Broadcast students have been working hard since early September to create a film worthy of their classmates’ viewership; taking leadership roles, coming up with their own ideas, and devoting countless hours to producing their films.

Sophomore Nathan Garner, writer of the film titled The Squatter explains the preparation behind Film Fest.

“In September, every member of the class wrote a script,” Garner said. “Five or six of them got picked. We, then, went and drafted the people we wanted in our film. Then we just went through the process: spending a few weeks filming. Now it’s crunch time so we’re just getting it all edited, color graded and making sure everything is nice.” 

Seniors Lauren Payne and Eden Schanker were co-directors of the film titled Self Reflection, one of the more popular films viewed by students.

“[Our film] is about this girl who is a loner and doesn’t really have any friends but she spends a lot of time by herself outside at this lake,” Payne said. “One day after an unfortunate event, she ends up stranded out there and falling in because of something that takes over her body.” 

Sophomore Chaley Spaulding enjoyed Self-Reflection, because of its professional presentation.

“My favorite film was Self-Reflection directed by [seniors] Lauren [Payne] and Eden [Schanker],” Spaulding said. “Their film  was very professional and done well.”

There were lots of challenges broadcast students faced when creating their films. Garner faced challenges with the uncertainty of how he wanted to execute the plot of his film.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted [to film],” Garner said. “It was hard to get the actors to do what I wanted them to do, without really having a big idea of what I wanted or what I needed from [my actors].” 

Although producing a film was time consuming and filled with lots of bumps in the road,Payne is proud of her group’s work.

“Especially with this being the first time [I have participated in the Film Fest] and despite challenges we faced, I am glad with the product that has come out,” Payne said.

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