Video Production class hosts annual April Fools’ Day Film Festival

By Miranda Snyder

Students attend the annual April Fools Day film fest in the little theater on Monday, April 1.

Connor Oswald, JagWire reporter

The Video Production class hosted the sixth annual April Fools’ Day Film Festival on Monday, April 1. The event was held in the Little Theater during seminar and featured four student-developed comedies.  The content of the videos ranged from a satire on humanitarian aid commercials to poking fun at a clueless teenager’s decisions.

In order to attend the film festival, students had to either buy a ticket beforehand for one dollar or for two dollars at the door. Part of the proceeds from the showing, usually around a hundred dollars, goes to ACCESS House. ACCESS House is a district program used to teach certain special education students life skills.

Junior Brett Troutner recommends that students attend the film festival, either if they’re looking for a laugh or want to help fund a charity.

“Everyone should go, because it’s great, funny and raises money for ACCESS House,” Troutner said.

At the end of the event, students were asked to vote, via cheering and clapping, for their favorite video. The winning video, #Losing, was a story about two guys competing over a girl. The producers and actors of “#Losing”, juniors Riley McDonald, Ty Smith, Madison Plouvier and senior Avery Laluk were then handed fake Oscars.

Plouvier is proud to have presented her team’s video, because she felt that it made all of the time and effort spent on the project was worth it.

“It felt good to know that people were going to appreciate all of our hard work,” Plouvier said.

Video Production teacher Cindy Swartz, felt that the project benefited the students because they had the chance to present their video to a wide range of people and, in turn, aid those in need at ACCESS House.

“[The students] got the bonus of showing the film to the school,” Swartz said. “But then an extra bonus of helping some people by donating some of the money from the film.”

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