Varsity coach leaves behind legacy of success

Varsity basketball coach Justin Bogart resigns after successful career

Former head boys basketball coach Justin Bogart discusses strategy with his players during a timeout on Friday, March 7.

By Photo by Karissa Schmidt

Former head boys basketball coach Justin Bogart discusses strategy with his players during a timeout on Friday, March 7.

After 14 years as head boys basketball coach, Justin Bogart has announced his resignation. Bogart held a meeting with players on Friday, March 28 to publicize his decision.

Bogart said that this choice stemmed from the attraction of new experiences.

“I’ve been coaching every year that I’ve been in the district, and I’ve been a head coach every year that I’ve been in the district … so I’ve never known what it’s like to be here just to teach, and I know that’s not what the entire job is about,” Bogart said. “I want to find out what that’s like and what I’m going to gain.”

There has not been a decision made on a replacement head coach.

During his time as head coach, Bogart led the team to Kaw Valley League titles in both 2004 and 2005, and took the team to state in 2006 and 2013.

Senior forward Davis Cantwell appreciates the dedication Bogart gave to the team.

“He was always very devoted to the team and always gave his best effort to help us succeed,” Cantwell said. “He wanted nothing more than to see us succeed as a team and get where we wanted to be.”

Despite only being at the school for two years, athletic director David Ewers recognizes the impact Bogart has made on the basketball program.

“Mr. Bogart established a program that values community service, integrity, citizenship, leadership and great effort and attitude,” Ewers said in a statement. “Mr. Bogart has gone to great lengths to develop young men on the court as well as off of the court.”

Assistant basketball coach Jack Johnson played for Bogart in the 2006 state tournament where the team took fourth place and attributes the program’s success to the experiences Bogart presented to everyone involved.

“[Bogart] left a legacy by making each season a special one for each player and parent by really involving the community by doing camps and having elementary kids be ball boys on the sidelines,” Johnson said. “The face of Mill Valley basketball was coach Bogart not only to the school but to the community and it will be different without him.”

Senior guard Ben Carroll and his family have been involved with the basketball program for 12 years. Bogart has made a positive impact on Carroll in his years on the team.

“Coach Bogart has taught me to be a better person and not be a selfish human being,” Carroll said. “It really benefits yourself to help others.”

When asked about Bogart’s legacy, Carroll noted past records made.

“He left our team winning more games than we lost,” Carroll said. “Also, he has left the school with two really good seasons in 2006 and last year.”

In the 14 years that Bogart coached the team, the program amassed an overall record of 193-114, but he says specific games will not be what he remembers most about his career.

“Something that we’ve done is watch a group of young men come together and be something more than they thought they could be,” Bogart said. “Those aren’t necessarily wins and losses in the paper or on the scoreboard, but they’re definitely a lot of wins to see people take a simple game and make it something about being a family, something about being generous with your time and being supportive of others who also enjoy the game.”

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