Valentine’s Day is a harmful holiday

Love should be celebrated every day of the year, not just annually

Valentines Day is a harmful holiday

Jordin Harris , JagWire reporter/photographer

As Valentine’s Day nears, I can already imagine all of the red and pink everywhere I go. I see conversation heart candies in the grocery store that say “Kiss me,” “Be mine,” and “XOXO.” I cringe when I see them. 

I used to cherish Valentine’s day in elementary school. I was so excited to have a party and see all of the treats I got from my friends. I never thought to question nor complain why we were having a party that revolved around love, I mean why would I, I was getting candy. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to question the point of Valentine’s Day. Why do we celebrate and show our love to others just once a year? 

This holiday materializes and demeans the real meaning of love!”

— JagWire reporter/photographer Jordin Harris

The history of Valentine’s Day dates back to the middle ages. The Catholic church recognized at least three saints with the name Valentine or Valentinus, all with heroic stories, according to The date Feb. 14 was established because it was the known start of bird mating, this created the thought that the middle of Valentine’s Day should be based on romance. This created what we know today as Valentine’s Day. 

Why do we show our love for others specifically on Feb. 14 and not every day? This could be because of the overall hype of the holiday. Such as advertisements for jewelry stores and steakhouses, or social media memes that allude to love being in the air. 

This could also be a scheme by the chocolate industry. This industry is a 22.2 billion dollar market and Valentine’s Day makes up 24% of sales, according to Candy

Valentines Day can also be very hard for many singles. It is a constant reminder that you are alone and unattached and can make many depressed. Especially when movies that surround themes of love, play all day long. There is no sense in making singles feel bad by broadcasting how in love people are in relationships. 

Valentines day can also put outstanding pressure on relationships. The thought of not getting gifts that are expensive or meaningful enough overpower the true essence of a relationship. This holiday materializes and demeans the real meaning of love!

Society should take time out of their everyday lives to show appreciation for their loved ones. It does not take money and a holiday to show someone you love them. 

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