Underrated KC: An introduction to the underrated world of Kansas City

Underrated KC focuses on the spots of Kansas City not on a tourist guide


Abby Layton, Katya Gillig, and Ally Nguyen

We — Ally, Katya and Abby — fully and wholeheartedly believe that Kansas City is one of the most underrated places in America. Not only do we have kind people and great food, but we are also in the center of a cultural hotspot. It’s no wonder Kansas City is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. This is due to the fact that many people from all over the nation and even the world come here to start or restart their life. The three of us came to the conclusion that the uniqueness and amazing qualities Kansas City holds should be shared.

We had the idea for this blog when we were driving around one day and saw so many local places we’d never seen before. All of us writers are advocates for shopping at local businesses because we acknowledge that the greatest things in life always start small. We thought it would be interesting to try these places and share them with others. Instead of verbally ranting about awesome or terrible a place is, we decided we wanted to put it in writing.

This blog will be writing about and reviewing local places around the Kansas City area. Our goal is to uncover all of the hidden gems that make this city spectacular. The places we will be going to are places you might not find inside of a travel guide; these locations include coffee shops, book stores, restaurants and many others. Our hope is that, after reading this, you will try something new, support local businesses and take in the beauties and wonders of one of the most underrated cities in the country.

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