Typing out notes is more effective than handwritten notes

Contrary to many studies, typing notes is more beneficial for me because studying them at a later time is easier


Hannah Chern, JagWire editor-in-chief

In my AP European History class, there is always a constant flow of important information being discussed. Not only is it important for us to listen carefully and comprehend the information, but it is crucial that we are able to recall certain events. Therefore, like any other class, I take notes. While the rest of my classmates are scribbling their notes quickly into their journals, I find myself being the only one typing the notes onto my phone (with permission, of course). Typing notes allows me to be more successful than writing out notes.  

Since I was in middle school, I have always been taught that handwritten notes benefits one more than typing it out. Scientific studies have supported what teachers have been saying for years. These studies say that by writing out notes on paper, students are able to understand the information better since they have to process the information they write down instead of copying it down verbatim.

My previous experiences with handwritten notes has proven to me how typing notes work better for me. The biggest reason I prefer typing notes because I don’t have to worry about my handwriting. When I handwrite my notes, I tend to get careless with my handwriting to the point where it is hard to read later on. By typing out notes, I am able to read them later on with ease.

Secondly, typing notes gives me better opportunity to organize my notes as I take them. I am able to cut and paste certain pieces of information easily to specific places. On the other hand, when I handwrite notes, I am constantly trying to decide to put pieces of information. By worrying, I don’t get crucial pieces of information down. Even if I do get notes down, it is hard to go back later and comprehend how the information relates to each other.

Lastly, with all of my notes being typed in Google Docs, I am able to access and file my notes easier. When I leave my notebook at home, I wouldn’t have all my notes in one place, but with Google Docs, all my notes are on my phone. Not only do I have all of my notes in my pocket, but when I am studying for a test, I am able to find specific notes easily without having to flip through a notebook.

Even though many studies prove that typing notes is not an effective method of learning, I still see typing notes as more useful. When I type notes, I still summarize information and comprehend it just as if I were writing it. Having used both forms of note-taking, I find typing notes more effective for me.

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