Track and field places first and second in first meet of the season

Both the JV and varsity teams compete to begin the season

Kenzie Gorr and Callie Cahoy

Spring sports kicked off as track and field traveled to the Olathe District Activity Center Thursday, March 23. Both the JV and varsity teams competed in this meet, earning the boys first place overall and the girls second place. 

Sophomore Josie Benson placed first in the 300m hurdles, fifth in the 200m dash and first in the 4x400m relay. Benson reflected on her placements and is proud of how the team finished. 

“I think that I definitely could have done better but I am proud of our team for coming out to our first meet and putting up good competition,” Benson said. “I am proud of all my teammates and how we placed in the end.” 

Additionally, junior Ava Fleetwood competed in pole vault and placed second overall. Fleetwood was proud of her placement and is looking forward to the meets to come. 

“I think our first meet went well,” Fleetwood said. “I attempted a PR from a shorter run so I can’t be mad about that. I’m excited for the rest of the outdoor season. 

Benson and Fleetwood agreed that nicer weather would have made it easier to compete and made the meet more enjoyable. 

“If I could change one thing about the meet it would be how cold it was,” Benson said. “I, as well as many of my teammates, did not bring enough clothes or warm blankets and it was difficult to compete in the 40 degree weather with no sun.”

Despite the bad weather and very long day, Fleetwood enjoyed having both teams at the meet because it doesn’t happen very often. 

“My favorite thing about this specific meet was getting to vault with everyone on the team,” Fleetwood said. “This meet is the only meet that allows JV and varsity to compete together, therefore it was a lot of fun getting to jump with everyone and not just varsity.”

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