There’s not always a need to be politically correct

Today’s society is becoming more infantile as it demands total fairness and equality


Sam Lopez, JagWire news editor

So there’s this thing we have called political correctness. You have to make sure you don’t offend or trigger anyone. You’re not obese, you just have a genetic condition or you’re a healthy fat. (I’m talking about people who claim to have a genetic condition when in reality they’re obese due to lifestyle choices). That person isn’t black, they’re African-American. We’re so obsessed with political correctness that we still believe African-American is the proper term for someone who is just American. Even talking about rape has become such a taboo subject because it could be a “trigger” for others. This mindset has spread to pretty much any controversial topic that may be brought up in the real world, and being so safe isn’t exactly a step forward.

With this new age of caution, there’s an expectation that we have to appease every single person we meet because you might offend someone. To be frank, people are so concerned with being fair that they’ve become too sensitive which in turn creates an unprepared society.

A really good example of this is the use of safe spaces. A New York Times article highlights the use of safe spaces for college students at Brown University during a debate about campus sexual assault. These safe spaces were created so if anyone became uncomfortable during the debate they could return to a place where they feel, obviously, safe. One student even says, “I was feeling bombarded by a lot of viewpoints that really go against my dearly and closely held beliefs.” In one hand, why would you go to a place that makes you uncomfortable? In the other, isn’t pushing your boundaries and putting yourself in uncomfortable situations what makes you grow as a person?

These safe spaces perfectly encompass this idea that we have to be careful around every single person we meet no matter what the topic is and it’s baffling to me. We are no longer allowed to carry on mature, adult conversations with each other in fear that we will be labeled misogynists, racists, homophobics, etc. I simply refuse to support a society that is becoming so obsessed with the idea of equality and being cautious that it’s causing our generation to act like an infant in the face of adversity.

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