Blog: The Thief, part 11

Connor Oswald, JagWire reporter

The boy trailed behind Miss Dower, wiping the remnants of tears from his face. Ann and Adrian stared silently at the two as they walked by.

Miss Dower and the boy walked further down the hallway, past more scratched up doorways and through the numerous turns of the hallways. Miss Dower glanced back over her shoulder towards the boy.

“This house has been in my family for generations. I’m descended from a long line of useless folk, and by that I mean second-rate politicians. Rest of my family’s gone now, so it looks like the ‘esteemed’ Dower family line will stop at me.” She let loose a small smile, “But at least I was able to finally put this house to some good use.” The boy nodded, not entirely sure what exactly good use was, but knowing that he was part of it.

They made it into the kitchen, and Miss Dower motioned for the boy to take a seat as she went and rummaged around the pantry. Triumphantly, Miss Dower gathered some bread and cheese. She brought them over to the boy and gave him a weak smile.

“Sorry if it’s not that much, Ann is supposed to go to the market later today.” The boy simply glanced at Miss Dower in surprise as he ravenously stuffed the food into his mouth; this was the biggest meal he had to eat for weeks. Miss Dower laughed a little at the kid. “I think you’ll like it here, it might be a little crowded with everyone else, but you’ll fit.” The boy finished off the morsels and brushed a few crumbs off his face.

“Miss Dower,” he said timidly, “What is here?” Miss Dower titled her head at the boy, her face showing a mixture of surprise, confusion and laughter. She let lose another small trill of laughter.

“Oh this, this is the Dower Orphange.”

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