The senior class gathers together for the annual senior breakfast and awards ceremony

Seniors reflect on one of their last gatherings as a senior class Friday, May 20

Payton Ross, JAG reporter/photographer

On Friday, May 20, the senior class ate breakfast and attended an awards ceremony to recognize the accomplishments of their class. 

Senior Derik Bandad shares what it was like eating breakfast with his class one last time.

“Eating breakfast with everyone felt really wholesome. Looking around the cafeteria and seeing all these people I’ve gone to school with for at least the past four years,” Bandad said. “It was kind of like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.”

Despite the bittersweet feelings, senior Christine Turner enjoyed having her final moments with her class. 

“It was a little sad to sit in the cafeteria for the last time and eat together but it was also a happy

moment to get to be with them one last time,” Turner said. “We were able to sit and just enjoy the last memories with our friends.”

Additionally, Bandad loved getting to see all of his classmates’ achievements and future plans. 

“The awards ceremony was really cool. It was awesome seeing what all my classmates had accomplished and to see a little glimpse of what we’d all be doing in the few years to come,” Bandad said. “It was kind of sad but also pretty exciting.”

Turner also explains the award ceremony and figuring out how graduation would look. 

“During the awards ceremony we came in while the parents were clapping for us. We all sat together on the floor and it was weird seeing everyone together,” Turner said. “It also showed us what graduation is going to be like so it was nice to get familiar with the space before the actual ceremony.”

On top of working out the logistics of graduation, Turner reflects on math teacher Kevin Mosher’s speech during the awards ceremony. 

“I think he was a great candidate to speak because he really has impacted all of his students. He’s always been so encouraging and he’s the only teacher that made math make sense for me,” Turner said. “He told us we can always call him if we are needing to talk to someone and I thought that was a great thing to add because you never know who needs to talk to someone.”

Bandad has not yet come to the realization of graduating high school. 

“None of it feels real yet,” Bandad said. “It feels like I’ve just been going through the motions of what I’m supposed to do these past couple days but I don’t think I’ve fully processed being done with high school yet.”

Overall, Turner is excited to start the next journey of her life. 

“I’m so looking forward to next year and getting to start a new chapter in life,” Turner said, “I enjoyed my time here at The Valley and I think I’m ending it on a good note.”

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