The Music Man: Taylor Swift, please put your music back on Spotify

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I am a huge Taylor Swift fan. Despite the criticism she’s received about her switch to pop music on “1989,” among other things, I’ve still stayed a fan. Upon finding out that I’m “1989” Taylor Swift from a BuzzFeed quiz, I decided that I needed to listen to the album in full. However, it was not there when I checked Spotify, nor were her other albums. If Taylor Swift wants to retain fans, she needs to put her music back on Spotify.

First off, before anyone accuses me of not supporting my favorite artists, I do buy music. I just don’t buy all of the music I listen to. Instead I stream it, mainly on Spotify. If I love the album, I’ll buy it, but as a high school student without a job, I can’t afford to buy every album that just looks good. So, streaming for free is a logical solution.

When an artist takes their music off Spotify, it becomes harder for me to judge whether or not I should buy their music. This is part of the reason why I still haven’t bought “BEYONCE” or “Ghost Stories” yet – Beyonce and Coldplay refused to put these albums on Spotify, so I could never do an initial in-full listen to decide whether or not they’d be worth buying and listening to over and over.

Now, Taylor Swift has put me in the same predicament. I’m very curious to hear how different “1989” is from her previous work, but I don’t just want to buy it outright without listening. I’m not the only person in this predicament either. Much of Swift’s audience is in high school or middle school, and we’re definitely not notorious for having ample money to spend on entertainment. By taking her music off Spotify, Swift has kept a lot of these potential listeners from listening to her new music.

Now, I do understand Swift’s perspective. If someone listens to an album on Spotify, they don’t need to buy it anymore because it’s readily at their disposal. While I may be one of the anomalies who will actually buy an album after listening to it on Spotify, many still at least buy a few songs they really like as singles. Plus, if someone decides they like an artist after listening to them for free on Spotify, they may choose to pay to see that artist live.

Taylor Swift needs to put her music back on Spotify. Artists should not deprive those of us who can’t afford to buy 5-10 albums a month from listening to their music online. I want to be able to listen to T-Swizzle again, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

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