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If you’ve never had a conversation with me before, I have two things to say. One, you’re really missing out, because I’m pretty awesome. Two, you probably don’t know how often I say things like like slay, salty, yas (not yes), ratchet, same, true and, of course, bae.

Bae is an acronym for “before anyone else” and a shortening of the word babe. It’s usually used to describe someone or something that you absolutely love. I recently found someone in the music world to add to my list of baes — Madeon.

I’ve been meaning to write about Madeon for a bit now. Madeon is the stage name for Hugo Leclercq, a French producer who makes some of the best electronic dance music in the world. He’s had artists like Passion Pit and Nick Petricca from Walk the Moon featured on his tracks, remixed songs by artists like deadmau5 and Martin Solveig and produced music for a few of my other musical baes, Coldplay and Lady Gaga. (He even co-wrote the Gaga songs he produced.) And, to top it all off, he’s only 20 years old.

Madeon has a more pop-centric approach to producing music, while still allowing for creativity. Although he experiments with many different sounds in his music, at the end of the day, it’s still danceable and fun, with catchy hooks and upbeat synths.

Take “Pay No Mind,” for instance. It’s slated to be featured on Madeon’s debut album, “Adventure,” and it features indietronica band Passion Pit. (Side note: Passion Pit’s new single, “Lifted Up (1985)” is pretty awesome, and you should listen to it after fawning over how much of a bae Madeon is.) It features a prominent, light guitar riff a la “Lose Yourself to Dance” by Daft Punk. Toward the chorus, Madeon’s production takes center stage, and he includes a super-creative drop after the second chorus. The song even ends with a piano and organ, which both sound really on point.

This sort of sound continues throughout all of Madeon’s music. In “You’re On,” featuring vocalist Kyan, Madeon distorts vocals in the chorus, creating a sound perfect to play at any party. Even when he works sans vocals, like on “For You,” Madeon still manages to be lighthearted, making something that sounds like it belongs in a video game and in a European EDM festival — at the same time.

Madeon’s most recent release, “Home,” is a more creative venture. The percussion takes center stage in some parts of the song, and it’s the first song of Madeon’s to feature his amazing vocals. (The fact that he can sing makes him even more of a bae.) “Home” is slower than anything else Madeon has made, and sounds very clean and crisp — a refreshing twist to his other songs.

His production for other artists has a similar feel to his original music. “Changing of the Seasons,” a song he produced for Two Door Cinema Club, has apparent rock influences while still keeping with his signature, lighthearted sound. “Always In My Head,” one of two Madeon-produced songs off Coldplay’s most recent album, is a little more experimental and minimalistic, and it’s nice to hear Madeon make some slow music. All of the tracks Madeon produced for Lady Gaga (“Venus,” “Mary Jane Holland” and “Gypsy”) are straight-up amazing, and were some of my favorites off “Artpop” before I even knew who Madeon was. (Did I mention he even toured with Lady Gaga on the “Born This Way Ball”? Quite a bae if you ask me.)

I absolutely cannot get enough of Madeon. His creative sound is refreshing, especially in a world where most of the popular EDM producers are pretty basic (another word I use quite often). I can’t wait to hear more hits from him on “Adventure,” which includes tracks featuring Mark Foster from Foster the People and Dan Smith from Bastille, to name a few. The album comes out on Friday, March 27, and until then, I’ll be jamming to the rest of my newest bae’s music — and you ought to be too.

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