The Music Man: I’m jealous of Nick Jonas’ talent

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Even though I am a male high school student, I’m not afraid to admit that I like listening to music by boy bands. In fact, I’ve written about boy bands like AJR (twice), One Direction and The Vamps before. So, when I started listening to “Jealous” by former Jonas Brothers member Nick Jonas, I wasn’t ashamed at all.

Before I tell you why this song is amazing, I do need to clarify something – I was never a Jonas Brothers fan. I didn’t watch the TV show or even the “Camp Rock” movies. On top of all that, I had never really listened to any Jonas Brothers music, either music by the band or Kevin, Joe or Nick Jonas’ solo work. (To solidify the fact that I was never a devout fan, I had to look up their names just now.)

But “Jealous” is a different story. When I first heard it on the radio, I had no idea it was Nick. It sounded very R&B, so I thought it was a new song from Usher or Ne-Yo. Nonetheless, the song piqued my curiosity, and after a little research (which mainly involved me using my handy-dandy Shazam app), I found out it was by the Disney star from the late 2000s that girls (including a vast majority of junior JagWire staff members) still swoon over.

Like I said before, “Jealous” draws heavily upon R&B influences, especially vocally. The song shows all of his vocal prowess through amazing vocal runs and insane high notes. His overall smooth vocal delivery is comparable to artists like Justin Timberlake and makes his music sound (should I say it? I’m going to say it) sexy.

However, that’s not all of the song’s appeal. Instrumentally, “Jealous” utilizes an electronic backing, accentuated by synthesizers and a steady drum track. Although it starts out somewhat slow, the song builds up to its pre-chorus and from there on out, it’s full-on upbeat. There’s even an aggressive tone that’s echoed in the lyrics, where Nick sings of his feelings when other guys are checking out his girlfriend.

Needless to say, I’m not worried about proclaiming how much I like “Jealous,” even if it may be by a former boy band member. If you haven’t heard it, you should listen to it right this second. If you happen to like it, and I can’t see why you wouldn’t, then you too should proclaim how much you like it, whether you’re a guy or a girl.

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