The different ways TikTok has affected teenagers

This social media platform is affecting people in good and bad ways.


By Sydney Wood

Scrolling through TikTok, junior Lexi Claeys sees what others have posted.

Sydney Wood, JAG photographer

TikTok is a social media platform that allows people to create short 15-45 second videos, over 500 million people have TikTok. Taking advantage of the current popularity of short videos, TikTok is a great way to express yourself, be creative and try new things. 

With such a wide variety of people on the platform, and millions of short videos to watch, teens can find new and interesting things to try. Teens today can interact with each other by liking and commenting on other people’s videos. By sharing their creative side, teens can express themselves through a short video, whether it is dancing, singing, comedy or art videos. 

Teens today have a fear of missing out, so  this new, refreshing app makes them feel apart of a community. With an app that inspired such interest from people, teens can’t help but join. 

Though TikTok is a great way to be creative and express yourself, it has some downfalls. Many teens have to make sure there appearance is perfect, especially when it is a video that they’re going to post on TikTok. While, posting a video is rather easy, it is the part where you have to make yourself look perfect. Many teens are guilty of adding filters or other things to make their appearance better.

According to Time magazine, teens have mixed feelings about TikTok; some hate it, but a lot love it. While the videos on TikTok tell a story in a simple version, teens often find themselves on TikTok way too much, which leads to not doing important things such as school. 

However, TikTok is a great way to relate to people, and share a creative side of yourself. It can have a very positive outlook on people, and how they express themselves. The benefits of TikTok outweigh the downfalls, there are so many great people and things to find on TikTok. 


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