The Art Club is creating a sculpture for the Monticello roundabout

Students attended a meeting to discuss themes with council officials at city hall, Monday, Nov. 15


By Aidee Barron- Mendez

Seniors Natalie Fuser and Natalia Hernandez wait patiently for their turn to present.

Lauren Cannata, JAG reporter/photographer

Those students participating in Art Club presented their idea to city hall officials Monday, Nov. 15 to build a statue in the center of a roundabout on Monticello Road.

Senior Natalie Fuser explained that the club aims to build a structure that will become a piece of the community as well something to be remembered.

Presenting their ideas, seniors Natalie Fuser and Natalia Hernandez talk about their thoughts about each theme.
(By Aidee Barron- Mendez)

“After [art teacher Jodi Ellis] introduced [the idea to build the sculpture], I was super excited for the experience,” senior Natalie Fuser said. “This project is important to me because it is such a small group working on this and it’s also completely new. Our school has never done something like this.”

The club members still have a ways to go before their plans can be put into motion, but are making good progress according to Fuser. 

“Since this has never been done before, the process is new to everyone,” Fuser said. We had to present themes and now we are starting to design sculptures. After we have the sketches done we will need to build miniature sculptures. I think we might do some 3D printing. We will be going to the CTEC building at some point to work with one of Desoto [High School’s] art teachers. After we have our final design approved it’ll be up to whoever’s building it.”

As of now the group is primarily focused on design now that the theme has been selected, according to senior Natalia Hernandez.

Asking questions, public arts task force member DeAnn Gould-Lancaster asked the students about their themes. (By Aidee Barron- Mendez)

“Before this project can be started on, we need to decide on what we want our sculpture to look like,” Hernandez said. “I think the hardest part of this process will be brainstorming visuals for the sculpture. I believe that themes can be interpreted visually in many different ways, but I am excited to see what we come up with.”

The meeting on this previous Monday was a discussion of different theme ideas with city council officials, and the club was able to narrow the list down according to Fuser.

“Natalia and I were definitely nervous because the setting was not what we expected. We pitched our three themes- unity, diversity, and growth,” Fuser said. “It seems the [city hall officials] might be leaning towards growth.”

Excited for what the project will become, the group hopes to create a meaningful piece according to Hernandez.

“When developing ideas for our project we tried to focus on themes that we as a community relate to, we think it is important that all people feel included,” Hernandez said.”Art has been a passion of mine since I was very little and it is amazing to see how my talent can be taken to new levels.”

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