Teacher honored with Kansas Horizon Award

Teacher honored with Kansas Horizon Award

Annie Crouch, JagWire reporter

On Friday, Jan. 11, physics teacher Alyssa Meyer was notified by the Kansas Commission of Education, Dr. Diane Dane, that she was honored with the Kansas Horizon award.

Meyer is excited about being honored with the award.

“I am really excited about the award because you don’t really do things for recognition,” Meyer said.

The Kansas Horizon Award is a regional competition that recognizes outstanding first year teachers. The application process for the Kansas Horizon Award starts with nominations by teachers. Once the nominations at the school level are reached, the nominee fills out an application, as well as other teachers and coworkers answering questions and adding commentary about the nominee.

Meyer appreciates the recognition from her staff and students.

“It is really nice to hear positive things from students, parents and coworkers.”

Meyer is one in thirty two teachers to receive the award. The Kansas State Department of Education appoint people to review the nomination forms. From there, they select four elementary and four secondary teachers per region for a total of thirty two teachers.

Meyer will now join the Kansas Exemplary Educators Network (KEEN).  KEEN is a group of highly recognized teachers in Kansas. The group will have a luncheon later this month. Also, they have gatherings  and workshops. Teachers in KEEN teach and learn from other teachers in the organization.

Meyer is looking forward to being educated and bonding with other teachers in Kansas.

“I am looking forward to learning from others [in KEEN],” Meyer said.

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