Tastee Treat a worth while mom and pop shop experience

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

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With a maximum occupancy of 25, Sam’s Tastee Treat is a true hole in the wall. Located in Olathe, the shop from the outside appears to be just a quaint ice cream shop. I had driven by it on K-7 countless times without actually stopping.

When I finally did stop, I was expecting to see a menu of cheeseburgers, fries and ice cream. However, to my surprise, the menu was completely random featuring everything from the cheeseburgers I expected to tacos and egg rolls.

The random nature continued with the interior decorations. There are at least three different versions of the menu, multiple signs showing specials, posters from Renaissance fairs, a mass of random flyers and assorted pictures of food. The cooking area is almost completely visible and decorated with a chile pepper curtain and a Chinese calendar.

 It was a little overwhelming trying to decipher the menu and I was a little leery of a place that offers both Mexican and Chinese food. To be safe I ordered a bacon che eseburger with fries and a marshmallow milkshake.

 The place was only slightly busy, but the food took a decent amount of time to come out. When it did arrive, sitting on a brown lunch tray, it appeared to be edible, but also not completely appetizing. The bacon cheeseburger was almost all bun, the tiny meat patty was dwarfed by the mass of bread. When I took a bite all I could taste was the bun. I finally decided to take the top bun off and fold the bottom bun into a sort of taco hamburger. Once I did that, I found that the burger was well cooked and tasty. The French fries appeared to simply be from an Orida bag. They were fresh and warm, but nothing special.

 What was special was the marshmallow milkshake. The small white cup it came in was unassuming, but it contained the most delicious ice cream I have ever had. I had to stop myself from slurping it down in one big gulp. It was simply pure magic.

 So magical that I had to have more ice cream. I got a small dipped cone and it was similarly amazing. The chocolate covering added to, but did not overwhelm, the vanilla ice cream. It was big enough to be satisfying and small enough to make me feel fat.

 Overall, I will definitely return for the ice cream and will maybe branch out to try a taco. The food may not be fantastic, but it is better than fast food and worth it to support a locally owned business.

 Overall Score: three out of five stars

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