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Tapcade KC has provided a unique experience that I will cherish

Playing arcade games with my family is one of my most favorite memories

After spending way too much time on one game, my family beat the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game through sheer will and thumb power.  Though I don’t consider myself very much of a gamer, my favorite place in Kansas City is the Tapcade.  

This unique arcade has a retro 80s and 90s feel with a wide variety of classic arcade games.  Not only do they have arcade games, but they have a movie theater, a Nintendo 64, a bar for those who are of age and an exquisite menu that hosts some ultra dank burritos.  Though it may be for the “90s kids,”  the ambiance of Tapcade will never fade from my memory.

After spending quite some time there, I’ve deemed that it’s a blast for the whole family.  Modern arcades are still fun, but nothing can beat the originals and originality is Tapcade’s forte. After going there a few times, I found that at the end of every visit, I wished to return soon.  The only downside to this establishment of excellence is the age restrictions; no children under 18 years of age are allowed after 8 p.m.  However, this is understandable because the selection of alcoholic beverages is extensive and most of the arcade games and movie posters are well over 18 years of age.  

Despite only being let in during the daytime, I’ve had a blast playing TMNT and many other games.  Button mashing a pixelated screen with a homemade chocolate chip cookie in my mouth is something unique that I would encourage everyone to experience.

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