Take initiative to pursue things that truly bring you joy

If an activity, relationship or situation is not letting you reach your full potential, you shouldn't feel bad about quitting


Claire Boone, JagWire managing editor

I have been playing volleyball since I was in third grade and it has always been a sport that I loved. However, once I reached the high school level, I had certain experiences that made the sport a really toxic place to be for my young and impressionable self-concept. I wasn’t bold enough to quit the sport that I loved so deeply until my junior year of high school when I found myself in a serious conversation with a friend about how I was using my time. She told me something that I will never forget, “Watering a dead plant won’t bring it back to life.” Within a week, I quit the sport that caused me so much pain; it’s something that I encourage others to do.

If you find yourself in a toxic activity, relationship or situation in general, you need to have the strength to pull yourself out of it. Being able to recognize when you should do this is the most important part. When you are in a part of your life where you feel stagnant, like nothing is changing, and that upsets you; that’s when you know you need to make a change.

Being a quitter isn’t something that I take lightly, but if it means that you will get the opportunity to grow into a better version of yourself you have to do it.

Quitting volleyball opened so many doors for me, specifically into journalism. Though I may not be the most talented photographer, designer or writer, I have really found a family here in the journalism room. If I would have stayed with volleyball I wouldn’t be able to spend hours in a hot, loud room after school, making memories with some of the best people that I know.

So even though it may hurt a little bit to give up something that you love, it will only benefit you in the end. Don’t settle for the good things in life when you have the opportunity to achieve the best. I highly encourage everyone to find their place, to find their ‘journalism’ because it will honestly change your life.

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