Symphonic band receives a one rating and concert band receives a two rating at state

The contest took place at J.C. Harmon High School on Wednesday, April 10


By Sophia Armendariz

Tuning his french horn, Freshman Cameron Long prepares to perform for the judges.

Tatum Elliott, JagWire editor-in-chief

The band competed in a statewide contest at J.C. Harmon High School on Wednesday, April 10. Performing among schools from across Kansas, the symphonic band received a one rating and concert band received a two rating.

According to sophomore Carmen Frieh, who played the clarinet with the symphonic band, arriving at the contest was nerve-wracking but ended up being a great experience.

“When we first got up it was really stressful … because I was really nervous. I could tell that the people around me in my section were a little bit nervous as well,” Freih said. “As nerve-wracking as it was, it was honestly really fun because it showed that we had worked hard enough to earn a one. My favorite part of being there would be the experience I gained.”

Though aware of the tough competition, sophomore Addison McLaughlin, who played flute with the concert band, enjoyed the support shown between bands.

“The competitiveness during a band competition is high, but we are still really nice to each other,” McLaughlin said. “I remember when [concert band] came back in from performing, one of the bands from another school clapped as we came back in and were cheering for us.”

Performing as an alto saxophone player, junior Amber Guilfoil, was happy with the concert band’s performance and enjoyed being able to play in a different, more competitive, atmosphere.

“I think [concert band] did really well considering us being in the lower band and not having to audition for what we did,” Guilfoil said. “[State] was a great way for us to show what we’d worked on throughout the year, and get an actual score on it not just our parents’ feedback.”

Though disappointed that the concert band fell short of a superior one rating, McLaughlin looks forward to moving forward and improving.

“I was rather upset that we were only two points off from getting a one superior rating in concert band, but last year we were three points away so improvement is still improvement,” McLaughlin said. “Maybe next year we’ll finally get that one.”


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