Students stay after boys basketball game for Winter Homecoming dance

Attendees enjoyed themselves in the class cup activity

Anika Roy, JagWire editor-in-chief


Following the boys basketball team’s loss to St. James Academy on Friday, Feb. 3, students were invited to attend the Winter Homecoming dance in the commons for class cup points.

StuCo members spent many weeks planning specific details for the event according to junior Tyler Orbin.

“[StuCo] pretty much just put together a theme,” Orbin said. “We planned out what we wanted to have at the event; some games, activities, and we hired a DJ.”

While the dance’s attendance was light, sophomore Meghan Dillon decided there was no reason not to come.

“I was already here for pep band,” Dillon said. “I thought I might as well come to the dance after because it might be really fun.”

For freshman Dilara King, the choice to stay for the dance was entirely based on its fun potential.

“I decided to come to this dance because I thought it was such a great opportunity for me to just have fun,” King said.

According to Orbin, the choice to host an informal dance as opposed to a formal one was not one made by StuCo.

“StuCo pushed to have a formal Saturday dance,” Orbin said. “Ultimately, it came down to administration’s decision, and they decided that this year we’re going to stick to an informal Friday night dance.”

If the dance continues to be informal in years to come, King would like to see a few changes made.

“I would like more people to come to this next year,” King said, “and also play more trendy songs.

The Winter Homecoming king and queen were also announced during halftime of the game, with senior Kasey Meeks being coronated as queen and senior Sam Brown as king.

Meeks was very excited about the results of the coronation.

“[Being crowned] feels so good,” Meeks said. “I just love Mill Valley and so I’m so excited about this.”

Regardless of the attendance and informality, sophomore Destinee Oertle greatly enjoyed her time spent at Winter Homecoming as well as others.

“Hanging out with friends is the best part [of the dance],” Oertle said. “Also, just dancing my heart out.”


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