Students stand out with new hairstyles

Junior Hannah Schrepfer and junior Karla Kim gain new confidence with hairstyles influenced by favorable celebrities.

Shelby Hudson, JAG editor-in-chief

For years, celebrities have been testing the waters with shorter and shorter haircuts, yet it is now that the coined term “pixie cut” is making its way through the modern high school system.

New to the hairstyle, junior Hannah Schrepfer says it was scary initially to get it cut from her shoulder length hair by three inches to her long bob haircut, mainly for the reactions that she would receive.

“I no longer fit in, and I am doing [more] of what I want to do,” Schrepfer said. “There was no going back after she cut the back off.”

Although Schrepfer was able to get hers done easily, it was junior Karla Kim who encountered many issues with her close friends and relatives who shot her ideas down for weeks.

“I didn’t have a lot of supporters,” Kim said. “Everyone was telling me it wouldn’t look good at all.”

Yet with enough persuasion, Kim was able to not only be allowed to cut by her estimation, 12 inches off, but dye it from black to blonde too.

Both Schrepfer and Kim used celebrity icons to reference for their hair styles, Schrepfer recalls Jennifer Lawrence, while Kim said Amber Liu from the popular K-Pop group F(x) gave her the inspiration she needed.

Through a frenzy of reactions, Schrepfer and Kim said they received more positive reactions than negative, and that it was the community that made them feel more comfortable with their hairstyle.

“It is trying something new, it really helps with my confidence,” Kim said. “When I had longer hair I used to cover up my face, but now I just let it go.”

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