Students recognized as Kansas Honors Scholars

Josh Duden, news editor

Twenty-four students, comprising the top 10 percent of the senior class, have been announced as the recipients of the Kansas Honors Scholars recognition award. The program’s goal is to bring focus to academics and recognize those students who worked hard consistantly throughout their high school career.

The recognition ceremony, which invites the students, their parents, principals and superintendents to be recognized, will be held at Blue Valley High School on Monday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. Couselor Randy Burwell said that it is a good program overall.

“It is a great way for the student to receive recognition for their efforts,” Burwell said. “[The program] does a great job recognizing the top 10 percent of our graduating class and it is done by a group outside the school district, so all the other [scholars] in other schools around Kansas too.”

Each student who makes up the 24 selected as the top of the class will receive recognition at the ceremony, an engraved American Heritage Dictionary and the ability to win a $4,000 scholarship to KU. Senior Austin Becker said it is great to be awarded the title.

“It is definitely an honor,” Becker said. “It is a good thing to be able to award the kids who worked hard throughout high school.”

 Below is a list of the Kansas Honors Scholars:

Austin Becker

Malayia Reece

Carly Granato

Brayton Young

Katherine Beck

Tara Brinkoetter

Parker Brush

Sarah Darby

Allison Gibson

Abi Hartmann

Paige Hillebert

Emily Johnson

Aaron Lee

Lindsay Mason

Amanda Morgan

Justice Oehlert

Jessica Praisewater

Leah Rettig

Alyne Roemerman

Austin Ross

Lauren Shurley

Robbie Weber

Jill Applegate

Allie Love

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