Students receive real-life experience through mock interviews

Staff members took the place of interviewers while students presented themselves as if they were applying for a job

Kenzie Gorr, JAG reporter/photographer

Students filled the media center as they participated in the career and life planning course’s mock interviews Wednesday, Nov. 30 and Thursday, Dec. 1. The dressed up students presented resumes and portfolios in front of staff members and volunteers to help give them real-life interview experience. 

FACS teacher Lauren Stringer teaches the Career and Life planning course and loved the benefits her students gained from this experience. 

“It helps prepare them or give them an idea of what the interviewing process will be like after they graduate high school, college or go into the workforce,” Stringer said. 

Freshman Nadia Kindt said the mock interviews gave her the chance to learn about new things she will need in the future. 

“I learned I can use some of the same steps to prepare for actual interviews. I feel like this was super important and can even help me apply for college,” Kindt said. “I definitely think it was beneficial because I got to experience what an interview might look like and how to prepare.” 

After three semesters of seeing the benefits of this opportunity, Stringer hoped that eventually every student in the school could get the same experience.

“I wish that I could give this opportunity to all of the students in the school rather than just limit this experience to the students who take my class,” Stringer said.

Looking back, Kindt appreciated everything the experience taught her. 

“I was super nervous at first because I had to advertise myself to other people, but I learned that sometimes things seem worse than they actually are,” Kindt said. “I thought it would be so hard and stressful, but it was almost fun.” 

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