Students perform at talent show

Community and students gather to watch talent as a part of Mayhem Week

Allison Winker, JAG editor-in-chief

StuCo hosted a talent show for students to showcase their skills as a part of Mayhem Week on Thursday, May 5. Ten groups of students performed at the event with acts including music, acting and magic tricks.

Sophomore Elaina Smith sang a solo in the show and felt it was beneficial for her love of performing and to give her more experience in front of a crowd.

“I decided to be a part of the talent show because it seemed like a lot of fun. I thought it would be a good way to get stage time so I can be a better performer,” Smith said.

Sophomore Durga Jambunathan enjoyed being a part of the event with StuCo and watching everybody in the show.

“My favorite thing about the show was just seeing all the amazing acts and listening to the emcees’ jokes,” Jambunathan said. “Everybody did great; I had fun cheering on all my friends that were there. The music was one of my favorite things because it all sounded so nice. The show was very successful.”

Smith felt proud to be a part of the show because of everyone who was in it and the good cause that it went to.

“I think I did pretty well with my performance. Everyone that participated was amazing so it made me feel great about the show as a whole,” Smith said. “There’s a lot of talent at our school, and it’s cool that people have the opportunity to see that since it’s obviously not something you just see from them when they’re in class. It’s beneficial for StuCo and it’s overall just a good thing to do.”

StuCo will use the proceeds from the talent show for senior scholarships, and Jambunathan appreciated the people who came to the event because of the benefits for not only the organization but the school as a whole.

“The talent show benefits StuCo because the profits went to the senior scholarships we give out,” Jambunathan said. “It’s great for the school because we get to see students shine and show off something that doesn’t get as much credit as sports or something else like that.”

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