Students in Nutrition and Wellness incorporate physical activity into their sedentary class

By using the equipment provided to them in class, students can get a little physical activity into their everyday lifestyle


By Photo by Hanna Steen

During Nutrition and Wellness on Monday, Jan. 26, sophomore Kathy Nguyen sits on an exercise ball while working on her assignment.

Erika Marsh, JAG reporter

Students in FACS teacher Ellee Gray’s Nutrition and Wellness class now have the chance to combine work and physical activity. Students have the option to sit on yoga balls instead of traditional chairs.

The class learned how easy and simple it is to get exercise into their daily activities by sitting on yoga balls and doing other various things like standing on wobble boards and peddling on exercise bikes while doing their school work.

Sophomore Chayse Phillips enjoys the opportunity in class to try something new.

“It’s different and I like change, it’s almost like I’m doing yoga while sitting in class,” Phillips said.

The purpose of Gray teaching this to her students is so they can learn that they can get exercise without going to a gym. Students are also encouraged to try these things in their homes while they are watching TV or doing homework.

Sophomore Courtney Carlson sees all the benefits of sitting on yoga balls during class.

“It improves your balance and it strengthens your core muscles,” Carlson said.

Phillips believes that sitting on the yoga ball benefits her personal lifestyle as well.

“It helps me because I like to fidget and it helps me move,” Phillips said.

Doing exercise on the yoga ball without leaving their house or having to go to a gym is easy for students to do because its a non-traditional way to exercise, which does not take up very much room in students’ houses.

Sophomore Kathy Nguyen enjoys how easy it is to do little physical activities without having to think about it.

“It’s more fun than being in a chair,” Nguyen said.  “It’s a lot of fun to incorporate a little activity into your daily life.”

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