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By Marah Shulda

Students from each grade level question gender’s role in everyday life

Students ask each other how gender affects them

Marah Shulda

Bella Line: Do guys cry often? And under what circumstances?

Ben Stove: I cry a whole lot, I’m just going to say that right now. I’m really emotional. 

Cade Clauder: Depends on the guy. I’ll only cry at a funeral or a really sad movie.

Avery Altman: How do you deal if your friends stop being your friends? Because I know with girls you’re like ‘Why aren’t you being my friend’ and then gets sad. But guys… you can’t really do that.

BS: You kind of just have to move on.

John Fraka: Most people, I feel like guys in general, mostly just drift apart instead of having some big confrontation.

BS: If you stop hanging out with someone, you guys don’t really talk at school. It not that you necessarily hate each other.

Declan Taylor: Yeah, if somebody isn’t my friend anymore I’ll just be like ‘ok’. I don’t make it a big deal or anything.

BS: Sometimes the reason I break up with my friends is because we learned that we don’t have any common interests. Let’s say I like sports and stuff and this guy plays video games all the time. We probably wouldn’t get along and that’s why we wouldn’t be friends any more. It’s just common interests.

BL: Do you pick out your outfits at night?

DT: Yeah, if I have to wake up early I’ll have clothes ready. If not I’m just going to grab something in the morning.

BS: Only if I have to wake up early.

CC: Why do females always go to the bathroom together?

AA: Because it’s fun.

BL: I feel like it’s honestly a security thing. I don’t know… this is about to get deep. There are some creeps out there, if you didn’t already know that When you’re in public you have to go with someone. Especially if you’re a girl, you have to stick to the buddy system because there are some bad people out there. Unfortunately. I feel like that’s one of the main reason. It’s a security thing.

AA: At restaurants I’ll try to go with my friends. One person will be like ‘I’m going to the bathroom’, ‘do you want me to go with you? I’m going with you.’ And we just always do that.

DT: Why do girls wear makeup?

Tessa Grier: Because we can. Like, if we have acne, we can easily cover it up. Guys I feel like they can, like they can wear makeup all they want, but I feel like they don’t.

BL: Also, I feel like it’s kind of fun. Guys are like ‘ew, makeup, why would you do that?’ But it’s kind of fun. I mean personally, I don’t care. You can think I’m ugly and I don’t really care. That doesn’t really bother me, but it’s fun to put on.

TG: You can make yourself look all different, everyday.

BL: What do guys think about makeup?

BS: I really think it’s kind of useless. Even though I understand where you guys use it, it would be useless toward me.

CC: I think if a girl wears makeup, don’t use too much.

JF: If it’s like caked on, like if you can peel it off, I would say that’s too much. But I don’t really care, it’s your choice. It’s however you want to look.

BS: What is the main girls gossip about?

[Multiple Voices]: Other girls.

BL: I feel like guys think girls talk about them, but that’s not really true at all.

TG: I feel like the only time guys are brought up is when he is involved with the girl that we are talking about.

JF: If you are gossiping about someone else do you do it because you don’t like them or do you do it just to gossip?

BL: I feel like sometimes it’s a good thing. A lot of the time people say girls are just being mean to other girls, but I feel like it just depends on the person. A lot of girls I talk to, like you guys, I’ve only heard you guys say nice things about other girls and I’ve never really experienced.

AA: I feel like it kind of depends… if.. The girls who don’t have anything else to say to each other, then they start talking bad about other girls because they feel awkward or something.

JF: Why are girls obsessed with Starbucks?

TG: OK, honestly, when I bring Starbucks to school and one of my guy friends sees it and takes a drink they are like, ‘hm, this tastes goo. But I would never buy it.’ I think guys think it is too expensive and they they think it’s girly.

AA: Yeah, like I’ve gone to get coffee with boys before and they will sit in the car and drink it before they will even walk into the school which is stupid because then you are chugging it, and you don’t chug coffee.

BS: What do you find attractive about guys?

BL: “If you’re not cocky. Confidence is fine.

AA: Funny, like you can be emotional;. Not like too emotional, but caring about things. Not even me but caring about something is attractive.

AH: I agree with that. I think it’s sort of weird when guys don’t show any emotion and they just hold it all inside. That’s sort of unattractive in my opinion.

BL: Well personally, I like someone, like you said, funny, nice, they don’t try to change who they are for someone, like I want someone true to themselves. Like they have confidence in themselves. I feel like personally, attraction isn’t something I look for. I like someone for who they are.

BS: What is attractive that is physical?

AA: Definitely lips.

BL: I like veins. I like arm veins and back traps. Eyes.

CC: Why do women take so long to get ready?

AA: Because they are singing or listening to music.

BL: True, I’m dancing around in my room.

AA: And you have to try on like everything in your room. And then take something off and put something else on.

BL: I’ll put on a nice outfit and then will be like no, it’s too uncomfortable. And then I put on leggins and a sweatshirt and then I’m like now I look like trash. Then I take off the sweatshirt and put on a nice shirt and I’m like no, and I put the sweatshirt back on.

TG: It has to be the perfect outfit for the mood of the day.


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