Students complete AP Studio Art final painting projects

Students have been working on their final projects since October for AP Studio Art.

Lauryn Daly, JAG reporter/photographer

Students taking AP Studio Art have been working on their AP Studio Art Final. Erica Crist, the AP Studio Art teacher, explained what the AP Studio Art final is. 

“The AP Studio Art ‘final’ is a culminating portfolio – their Sustained Investigation work.”

Sustained Investigation definition according to the AP CollegeBoard: Sustained. Investigation is the concept of producing a series of sequential visual forms—forms growing from forms—to explore in greater depth a particular visual concern. 

“In October, students chose an idea to investigate through their artwork. In AP, this idea is called the ‘sustained investigation.’ Students have spent their time exploring their SI and creating artworks in response to their ideas and the questions that arise from their ideas.The goal is to create a total of 12 completed images along with a plethora of sketchbook writings, studies, etc. For the final, students will submit their completed Sustained Investigation portfolio along with written statements about their work”, Erica Crist said. 

Many students including juniors Sydney Chappell and Maddy Williams have been working and creating their projects for quite some time. 

“For my project I am doing the thoughts, personalities and emotions of dogs; my project has kind of started to base around my own dogs. I had a lot of different ideas for my sustained investigation but I realized doing it about my dogs was going to be the most fun and interesting for me,” Chappell said.

Williams decided to base her project on current social issues she cared about.

“For my project, I am making my art pieces based on some current issues and flaws I currently see in the world. My idea has definitely changed over time, but I was eventually able to come up with this topic by observing things around me like conversations with my friends and social media,” Williams said.

Chappell has faced struggles while working on her project. 

“It has been the hardest part for me to come up with the ideas for my sustained investigation and come up with compositions that make sense with my main topic,” Chappell said.

Williams shared her thoughts on how she could improve with her art and her project so far. 

“When it comes to art, there is always room for improvement. For me I feel like my style is always growing and changing and improving. Personally I want to incorporate more art into my everyday life. I think that starting a sketchbook and creating based on the world around you is the best way to improve skills and ideas,” Williams said.

Many students including Williams are currently working on their projects. 

“I have been working on several different pieces within this project. The first few artworks I did were not my favorite, but I really love the most recent ones I’ve created. Throughout the year we create about ten pieces based on our sustained investigation idea. I am a little past half way done. I love what I have created so far,” Williams said.

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