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By Jena Smith

Students compete in Papa Bob’s food challenge

Three students race against the clock to finish the Destroyer, a one-pound, three-meat "mega sandwich" from Papa Bob's barbecue in Kansas City, Kansas

October 28, 2015

Junior Jack Campbell

00:00 — before: “I think I will [conquer this sandwich] … I haven’t had a whole lot of food to eat today.”


2:18 — halfway: “I’m feeling kind of disappointed, I got off to a good start but didn’t pace myself.”


13:37 — finished: “I feel horrible, but I also … felt accomplished. I overcame an obstacle.”

Sophomore Annie Casburn

00:00 — before: “I’ve been thinking about this all week and I tried to hold off on all the food today.”


11:30 — halfway: “I have a lot of regrets right now. I don’t know if I can finish this to be completely honest.”


23:28 — finished: “That was just a really hard time. My stomach has never felt like this before.”

Mill Valley News editor-in-chief Justin Curto 

00:00 — before: “[The sandwich] doesn’t look that terrible and I could probably get through it quickly.”


2:18 — halfway: “I’m feeling pretty good, though the sausage is hard to bite through.”


5:31 — finished: “I was hoping to finish it under five minutes but that didn’t happen.”

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