Students change their hair to explore new identities

Many students make changes to their hair color and style to find out what they feel the most comfortable with

Aiden Burke, JagWire assistant editor

Sophomore Briana Bruno

Sophomore Briana Bruno thinks that changing and dying her hair has become reflective of her personality because of how people see and perceive her hair.

“I do trust myself with my hair,” Bruno said. “When you usually see people with dyed hair you usually think they are loud and outgoing, and I have a very loud personality.” 

Bruno thinks that one nice aspect of dying hair is how it changes how people see you. She continues that “when you get new hair, you want to show it off – it’s fun.”


Junior Aubrey Beashore

Junior Aubrey Beashore changed her hair during quarantine because it felt refreshing and freeing to her.

“I like to change or dye [my hair] because it feels refreshing,” Beashore said. “I also like to do it because quarantine makes you feel bored and I just like it better.”

Beashore continued that it might feel weird at first, but ended up liking it in the end.

“The first time, it’s going to feel weird,” Beashore said. “Giving it a shot can make you feel good about it.”


Sophomore Madeline Hanna

To sophomore Madeline Hanna, anybody who is considering dying their hair should just “go for it” since it’s their own hair. 

“If you don’t like it then it will just fade out anyway,” Hanna said. “My mom was against hair dying until I convinced her; it is your hair and you can do what you want with it.”

To anyone who is unsure about whether or not to dye their hair, Hanna recommends using temporary dye to start out and try new colors.


Senior Amanda Mills

There are many stereotypes and jokes about redheads floating around which senior Amanda Mills finds herself at the end of. Rather than taking these stereotypes to heart, Mills incorporates her natural hair color into her personality.

“I feel sometimes that having red hair makes me outgoing,” Mills said. “I stand out already because of my hair color so I just am more outgoing.”

At the same time, Mills doesn’t like to bring up her hair color to avoid jokes and stereotypes in conversation.

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