Students attend prom at the Ball Conference Center

Prom was held Saturday, April 1 were seniors Hayden Rider and Finn Campbell were crowned prom queen and prom king respectively

Prom was hosted at the Ball Conference Center in Olathe Saturday, April 1 from 8 pm to 11 pm. During the coronation ceremony which took place at the dance, senior Hayden Rider was crowned prom queen and senior Finn Campbell was crowned prom king.

Junior Sarah Anderson shared where her prom group chose to take pictures and eat dinner

“We took pictures at the barn where my friend rides horses because we knew there wouldn’t be any other groups there and it had really pretty scenery,” Anderson said. “We ate at North Italia which is in Leawood, Kansas. I had the chicken salad with a brownie which was really good.”

Sharing where she took pictures and ate dinner, Rider explained why they picked those locations.

“We took pictures at the Nelson Art Gallery and ate at the Kona Grill on the plaza,” Rider said. “We picked those locations because we did them last year for prom and the Nelson is just a beautiful place and Kona Grill has very yummy sushi so the locations we picked were perfect.”

Anderson shared why a unique photo opportunity created a fun experience for her.

“My favorite memory from prom was taking pictures because it was really pretty and different from any place I’ve taken pictures at before,” Anderson said. “I also just enjoyed getting to go out to dinner and have fun at the dance.”

At her last ever prom, Rider describes what the dance was like and how she felt throughout the night.

“The prom atmosphere was amazing. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. You just danced with whoever was on the dance floor and just had fun. My favorite memory was getting to dance with [senior] Austin Tomandl” Rider said. “I felt on top of the world when I was announced prom queen. Everyone was so happy and supportive. It was a great night and a great way to end my last ever prom at Mill Valley.”

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