Students and JagWire staffers review burgers purely by its patty

Freddy’s come in first place with the best fast-food burger


By Carter Lawson

Using their burger expertise, junior Abby Hoepner, freshman Leif Campbell, senior Devin Mendenhall and sophomore Nico Gatapia taste four different burger patties from popular fast food chains in the Shawnee area on Sunday, Oct. 1.

Annie Myers and Michael Sandri

Freddy’s – Rating: 5/5

JagWire: The patty tasted and chewed like genuine beef, enhanced by the whirlwind of flavors.

Senior Devin Mendenhall: It is unique compared to the other burgers, considering the outsides, and then it is tender in the middle.




McDonald’s – Rating: 3/5

JagWire: The quality of the meat appeared processed, which removed any appeal.

Freshman Leif Campbell: It was on its way to being a good burger, but it was a little too peppery for me.





Sonic – Rating: 2/5

JagWire: The Sonic burger is usually great, but without condiments it was incredibly dry and flavorless.

Gatapia: I thought it was gross and kind of tasted like you took a balled up rug and put it on a burger.

Campbell: The Sonic is not very tender. It’s a little on the burnt side.



Wendy’s – Rating 2/5

JagWire: While their motto indicates that their burgers are mad fresh, our experience made us question it.

Hoepner: The cheese did kind of infuse the burger with some cheesy flavor. I can also taste some pickles.

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