By Chloe Miller

A wide array of student and faculty leaders walk the halls of Mill Valley. However, there are many leaders whose roles go unsung.

Students and faculty lead in school and the community in new, unsung ways

Everyone is familiar with student leaders from StuCo or sports teams, but there are many Mill Valley students whose leadership is overshadowed by the more prominent leaders.

The JagWire covered 12 different unsung student and faculty leaders and how taking on a leadership role inside or outside of school gives their life greater meaning.

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Sophomore Kenzie Johnson brings new ideas to the Student Council roundtable
Michelle Kile enters sixth year of food service leadership
Senior Max Weber represents the student body as student section leader
Sophomore Bella Guess leads novices through the complex world of debate
Senior Libby Strathman sets new bar for the business department
Senior Helen Springer manifests leading by example as NEHS president
Senior Asa Esparza leads in the arts department as an actress, student director and choir section leader 
Senior Alex Shank plays an essential on the MVTV staff as one of the senior producers
Senior Reece Moulthrop takes on the role of student director
Senior Lucas Robins leads and inspires his cross country and track teammates
Senior Isaac Steiner leads the way for Robotics and Chess Club
Senior Bryce Jennings leads religiously through FCA

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