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Student tech Wyatt Lindsey increases his skills in technology

By Avery Liby

Student tech Wyatt Lindsey increases his skills in technology

Lindsey uses his interest in technology to help teachers and students

JAG: Why did you decide to be a student tech?

Wyatt Lindsey: First of all, it’s something I’ve always been really interested in. I like technology a lot, and I’m pretty good at it. It seemed like a good way to increase my skills and get some connections.

JAG: How did you become a student tech?

WL: You apply to be a student tech. There’s an application and then you go through an interview. If they accepted you, you got to choose which block you wanted to work in. 

JAG: What is your favorite part about being a student tech?

WL: I like going around and helping the teachers. Whenever you solve their problems they’re always so happy, and it’s a great feeling.

JAG: What is one thing you want students, teachers and/or parents to know about the MacBooks?

WL: The new MacBooks are really great and you can do a lot of things on them. They’re a great opportunity for all of us students to have and a great learning tool, so we should really take advantage of them.

JAG: What’s one lesson or thing you have learned by being a student tech?

WL: The ticketing system isn’t very fun. It’s a system you have to submit tickets that goes through k12 and say what the problem is, who the teacher is and what room they’re in. It’s kind of a lengthy process. I’ve also learned that there are a lot more problems than you think that deal with these new MacBooks.

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