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By Gabrielle Cabrera

Student tech Garrett Cumbie took the job to boost his résumé

He also enjoys the challenge of solving new technology issues

JAG:Why did you decide to be a student tech?

Garrett Cumbie: I thought it might be a good opportunity for [putting it on my] résumé and [for] college.

J:What is your favorite part about being a student tech?

GC: [My favorite part is] being able to help people that have no clue what’s going.

J:What is one thing you want students, teachers and/or parents to know about the MacBooks?

GC: [Something they should know is to] be careful and use them for school. With some free time it is nice to do some recreational stuff but mostly [it is for] school.

J:What’s one lesson or thing you have learned by being a student tech?

GC: Overcoming challenges that I might not know. [Sometimes I am] looking up something I have no clue how to fix and [I] figure it out.

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