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By Abby White

Student tech Carson Everhart values the new school laptops

While fixing the laptops, Everhart advises against misuse

JAG: Why did you decide to be a student tech? 

Carson Everhart: I have an interest in technology, so I felt as if I could better myself by joining student tech and learning new things about the Macs.

J: What is your favorite part about being a student tech?

CE: Helping out with some of the more simple problems because you get through them a lot easier and it seems like they’re just things that are a little more fun.

J: What is one thing you want students, teachers, and/or parents to know about the MacBooks?

CE: Take good care of them! Don’t throw them around, they’re a lot of money. 

J: What’s one lesson or thing you have learned by being a student tech? 

CE: That there are a lot more intricacies to MacBook problems than I first thought for a student-wide thing. There are so many [issues] with logins.


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