Student starts new Ultimate Frisbee club

Junior Ben Hansen hopes to shed more light on the lesser-known sport through the club

Emma Clement, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, 14 students attended the newly established Ultimate Frisbee club’s first meeting in the senior cafe. The club aims to spread knowledge on the lesser-known sport.

The club will meet weekly, though a specific day has not yet been determined, at 3:00 p.m. in the senior cafe. Once all members arrive, club members will go out to the practice soccer field and practice until 4:00 p.m..

Junior Ben Hansen, founder and president of the club, has played Ultimate Frisbee for four months and has been a member of a club team, Alacron, for two months. He has already seen it begin to grow in popularity and describes the sport as an intuitive game.

“[Ultimate frisbee is] a non-contact sport where two teams try and pass a frisbee to a player in their respective end zone,” Hansen said. “If the frisbee is dropped or hits the ground in any way it’s a turnover. The team who makes the most passes into the endzone or scores the most points wins.”

Hansen would like to see more people playing and enjoying ultimate frisbee and was inspired to found the club to help spread knowledge of the sport.

“I really like the sport of ultimate and I feel like it doesn’t get as much exposure as I think it actually deserves,” Hansen said. “I feel like if people actually knew what it was about and had a chance to play and experience it, they would see that it’s actually a really fun game.”

Freshman Will Schieber, who enjoys the sport, joined the Ultimate Frisbee club because of his friendship with Hansen and his family’s history of playing frisbee games.

“My dad’s side of the family has had a whole thing with Ultimate Frisbee and they’re really into Disc Golf right now,” Schieber said. “So it’s just something that I guess I inherited, a love for throwing a Frisbee around.”

Though the first meeting looked different due to a district issued heat advisory that limited their ability to play Ultimate Frisbee, junior Olivia Peters thought the first meeting was successful overall. Peters also looks forward to learning more about the sport.

“I have never played ultimate frisbee before this year,” Peters said. “I joined the club because it seems fun, and I’m excited to try it and have fun throwing around a frisbee.”

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